Custom Kitting Services

Efficiency is critical for your assembly line.  Allied Inventory Systems offers full service kitting services for any combination of fasteners, electronic components, and supplies.  Kits are customized to your bill of materials to ensure that the exact mix of materials are available for your technicians as they are needed.

Kitting Benefits

  • Elimination of substantial labor costs vs. OEM kitting in-plant
  • Consolidation of multiple part numbers into one
  • Substantial reduction of Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Processing Purchase Orders
  • Reduction in inventory on hand
  • Customized labeling
  • Reduction in quality escapes
  • Reduction in worker steps-to-complete

Combine the power of kitting with an Allied Inventory Systems Vendor Managed Inventory program to ensure guaranteed availability to eliminate shortages of your components and daily replenishment to zones throughout your plant through Kanban.

Kitting Design Process

Each kit is designed to your specifications.  We take into consideration the materials themselves, floor space requirements, and packaging requirements when designing a kitting solutions.  We also seek to utilize reusable containers, and have designed custom containers to maximize efficiency.