With the right partner, a supplier transition turns risk into opportunity

It's a common fear among buyers and planners that supplier changes are inherently risky.  That may be true for a number of less experienced suppliers, but we have developed a significant body of process expertise in transitioning our customers from other vendors to Allied Inventory Systems.

Great transitions start with a world-class team

At the outset of any transition, a cross-functional team of experts from Allied Inventory Systems will work with you to identify and quantify the current state of each segment of your supply chain.  We then evaluate a number of factors, including:

  • Development of a part-by-part plan for every item to be included in our VMI program,
  • Risk mitigation strategies in procurement and delivery to your production facilities,
  • Opportunities for 5S improvement,
  • Traveller analysis for worker time in getting the parts they need,
  • Stocking commitments to be made to ensure zero stock-outs, and
  • Financial savings goals with a commitment to deliver savings with your program 

A zero stock-out plan is developed

Before committing to your transition to Allied Inventory Systems, you will have a documented plan in place that will ensure there is a part-by-part plan, along with a commitment to hold as much stock as is necessary to ensure that you will never have a stock-out for a part that we manage, period.

high-touch implementation and program spin-up

Our company's commitment to a service-first philosophy shines during transitions.  We recognize sensitivity involved in changing vendors that comes from the floor all the way up to management, and will bring an arsenal of implementation, training, and follow-up tools to ease the process and ensure all of your stakeholders are aware, engaged, and benefit from the transition.

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