Vending Machine Programs Designed to Lower Cost and Increase Accountability

Allied Inventory Systems supports a variety of vending machines to help track consumption and automate the ordering process for replenishment.  Our solution offers:

  • Supplier consolidation
  • Web-based interface to monitor status and usage trends
  • Consolidated billing
  • Automated reporting that can be customized to your needs

Most customers who utilize our vending program see an immediate reduction in inventory and a decrease in consumption, as assembly users are individually held accountable for their use of components stored in vending machines.

Many options, in many form factors

Vending machines come in a few basic form factors, and determining which type will best meet your needs is a collaborative exercise.  We have supported a number of machines, from coil-vend machines to carousels to locker-vend machines.  Coil-vend machines allow for inventory to be stacked front-to-back and provide solid storage density within the machine, but are not well suited for larger parts.  Locker-type vending machines, on the other hand, provide more room for inventory but at a lower density.  Carousels are great for kits, and can have a density similar to a coil-type machine.

Our mission is to drive cost reductions and eliminate stock-outs.

Interested in exploring a vending program for your site?

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