Allied Inventory Systems RFID-based Point of Use Replenishment

small inventory may not be a large part of your budget, but ordering and handling costs add significantly to the the total cost picture

Our RFID Point of Use Replenishment system was designed to both eliminate costs and streamline the ordering process.  Our RFID readers, tags, and bins will automate many of your critical supply chain functions and dramatically help in reducing stock-outs, shortages, and line down situations.


Utilizing our RFID solution, our customers have been able to document:

  • Inventory reductions of up to 68%
  • Eliminates manual cycle counting errors
  • Elimination of repetitive Purchase Order issuance
  • Zero counting required as inventory is maintained perpetually
  • Greatly enhanced turn rate


Allied Inventory Systems' RFID point of use replenishment systems are an excellent fit for:

  • Smaller manufacturers or branch manufacturing locations without sufficient volume for a full-service VMI program with an Allied employee on site
  • Closed- or restricted-access areas where our employees cannot perform daily replenishment
  • High-value inventory (HVI) applications that require stage and movement tracking
  • Tight integration with your ERP or MRP system