The Cornerstone of Lean

Point of Use replenishment is a cornerstone in the elimination of waste and is one piece of the lean manufacturing puzzle.  By ensuring that materials are at the fingertips of your workers when, where, and as needed, our VMI programs help to eliminate wasted movement, time, and excess inventory.

Simple Concept, Numerous Options

While the concept of Point of Use replenishment is simple, it is often mis-implemented in practice.  There are a variety of options for point of use systems, and Allied's flexibility to support myriad replenishment methodologies and expertise in system design has helped manufacturers avoid the pain of "false starts" with inappropriate solutions.

While we will work with your buyers, planners, line leads, and other personnel to map the most efficient supply system for each of your value streams or production lines, some of the questions we ask at each step are:

  • How much space is available?
  • Given space constraints, what are the options for replenishment?
  • What is the most efficient means of presenting direct and indirect supplies?
  • Are there options for aggregation with nearby production cells to increase density and reduce floor space requirements?
  • What is the pull-through rate for each item?
  • Are power and internet connectivity available?
  • How frequently will one of Allied's employees be able to replenish the location?
  • Is FOD a concern?
  • What are the traceability requirements, and is custom labeling required?
  • Is ESD a concern, and what steps must be taken?
  • Is this a cleanroom environment?

Experience Matters

Our process expertise has developed over the course of more than half a century in business supplying manufacturers with a wide variety of direct and indirect materials.  By working with a team of experts who have the experience to ensure a seamless transition, you will maximize your company's cost savings and avoid costly re-designs down the road.