Vendor Managed Inventory programs that are data-driven and reduce cost are our core competency

Allied VMI programs are custom-designed for your plant, and will commit to being able to document:

  • Eliminating stock-outs and guarantee stocking levels
  • Reducing the total cost of fasteners, electronic components, shop supplies
  • Lowering the amount of inventory carried on your books
  • Increasing visibility into your supply chain
  • Increasing the satisfaction of the workers on your production lines

Wide range of materials supported

One of the unique benefits of working with Allied is to have one supplier that can support a wide range of direct and indirect materials.  We have the expertise, capacity, and scalability to support everything from fasteners to electronic components, to made-to-print materials, and shop supplies through a single integrated VMI program.

We haven’t had a single shortage or line stop since Allied started managing our fasteners and consumables 4 years ago. It’s been a tremendous improvement and has saved us immesurable time and money.
— Steve Bantner ~ Purchasing Manager ~ Chatsworth, CA

Technologies we employ

  • In-Plant Stores
  • RFID reader and tag systems
  • Barcoding
  • Two, three, and multi-bin systems
  • ERP integration
  • Shelf life management
  • Vending machines
  • International stocking support
  • Customer portals for data aggregation across business units or plants